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WAVwatch Screen Protector (2 pieces)

WAVwatch Screen Protector (2 pieces)

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WavWatch screen protector

  • Package comes with 2 screen protectors.

  • Protects the WavWatch screen from scratches and damage.

  • Made with strong borosilicate glass for improved performance.

How to apply the screen protector to the WavWatch:

  1. Remove the protective film from your new device (if you haven’t yet).

  2. Clean the glass surface of the WavWatch thoroughly with a dry soft cloth.

  3. Peel the “back” label and film from the screen protector

  4. While holding the screen protector by the edges, align and apply pressure from one edge to the other side. Pressing bubbles out from under the protector as you go.

  5. If bubbles remain, you can gently peel the protector off the surface to remove any debris underneath.

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