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WAVwatch 1,000 Frequency Upgrade Card (for current owners)

WAVwatch 1,000 Frequency Upgrade Card (for current owners)

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This is a upgraded memory card with the expanded 1,000+ frequencies to upgrade your 850 frequency watch to 1,000 frequencies! THIS IS ONLY NEEDED FOR OLDER MODELS, NOT THE CURRENT MODEL.

If you unit was purchased in or before December 2022, please contact customer support at BEFORE purchasing, for help in ensuring you receive correct version of memory card.

Download the new Handbook here: New 1000 Frequency Handbook

Upgrading your card is a simple process:

  1. Press in on the memory card (black rectangle next to the charging port, see 3rd picture) then release.
  2. The SD card will then poke out of the device, remove it fully.
  3. Make sure the metal pads are face up towards the screen before inserting the new card into the device. You will need to press the card further into the device until the card latches. You should hear or feel a click.

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